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I was last on this site in 2011 and although wasn't great then it wasn't that bad and the women seemed ok and replied.

Fast forward to 2018 and wow it's truly horrible.

A woman in a black bikini next to a swimming pool I remembered.

So unless she's Peter Pan she's using the same photo from 6 years ago.

A few users have said previously that they have trouble uploading photos.

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If you are having any problems with Plenty of Fish please do let us know what is wrong.

The internet sends them all crazy I think And if there's one thing that is going to make me ignore a profile it's READ PROFILE BEFORE MESSAGING Havent these women heard of being polite? One profile had an average looking women saying if you message just and said hi/hello you would be blocked and then another rambling list of what you had to do just to get a reply from her. As a man, if you report images or profiles, they stay posted on the site for weeks or months (forever in some cases). Example 2: Using the "contact us" yields NO response.

Definitely gone downhill in last 6 years and judging from the toxic woman on here I've not missed a great deal. They must have tons of desperate guys messaging if they can get away with talking to strangers like that. For women, images that are fake or perceived as fake are deleted within SECONDS (along with your account). Example 3: Request a review of your account in any way yields NO response.

The whole universe seems to be on here and the women seem determined to punch above their weight.

I signed up and didn't take me long to see a photo from the past.

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