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Rising, he moves behind her, shoving her up against the pillar as she moans, pressing against her from behind – The camera cuts to them naked in bed, and gives a quick, full and glorious rear view of Dyson and his tight butt before he rolls over so Bo is on top.She rides him mercilessly as he flexes and thrusts beneath her.After scrawling words like, "whore, slut, dirty" on the wall, she draws a bath, steps into it, and holds a hairdryer under the water.It's La Shoshain, the holiest of Fae holidays, when all Fae, Light and Dark, put aside their animosities and celebrate together to commemorate the legendary Blood King.

Little does she know that, across town at the police station, Dyson's handling heartbreak his own way, and his frustration at having to let go of Bo for the sake of the Light Fae is taking its toll.

When she has to admit defeat, Bo's goal switches to one of personal vengeance: to find Vex, the Fae that framed Lou Ann, and make him pay.

In the darkened lift, Bo is in shadowed profile and as the elevator rises, the camera pans down her belted micro skirt and bare legs to some fabulous stiletto shoes ending on the blood that’s dripping from her arm to form pools on the floor. “We talked about this, Bo.” “Last time,” she swears, stepping forward. He picks Bo up and slams her back against the wall, kissing her deeply. Bo reverses their position, pushing him back against the wall, and Dyson takes the hit with her hand at his throat, her thumb pushing up under his chin. They kiss again; her hand grips his jaw as if afraid he’ll leave if she lets go. She moans and her bloody fingers dig into his shoulders as his back flexes and the insanely hot tattoo ripples.

Bo then attempts to get answers from and revenge on Vex, but he is more powerful than Bo expected.

Bo's freelance work earns her a lead on someone who might know something about her mother...

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    After the media and bloggers also began posting stories about the commentary, ESPN issued a statement apologizing for the remarks.

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