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Before each one, Tracie spends roughly an hour perfecting her daughter's makeup, even applying a £130 hairpiece, which she says is easier than making the youngster sit still for hours whilst she styles her real locks.'She'll have the full works – foundation, highlighter, lipstick, lashes and nails.I started wearing makeup myself at 12, so I'm pretty open-minded about that sort of thing,' she said,'She doesn't wear it any other time, either.'In pageant world, Tracie said you had to be original to wow the judges – which contestants often do through bespoke looks worn in the outfit of choice round.

So if she is warm and nice, her sons are going to think that's the way women are.Tracie agreed and a few weeks later, her daughter won her first ever crown.'Carnivals are all about elegance, whereas the pageants are more fun, and you can inject your personality a little more, which I think Destini likes,' said Tracie.Since then, the pair have toured the country while Destini competes in beauty contests.No matter what it is she's doing, she wants to do it well.'When the schoolgirl turned 10, the family moved to Rhyl – where they stumbled across a local pageant.Already a huge fan of the glitz and glamour, Destini begged her mum to let her take part.

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