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We compared information from the surveys with that found in the progress notes within patients' charts.

All progress notes have a “medications” section that is electronically updated after each visit.

If physicians are unaware of the possible drug-herb/drug-supplement interactions or if they do not document information about CAMsh use in the medical chart, they may unknowingly prescribe medications that have potential interactions with CAM supplements.

Just as older adults are susceptible to drug-drug interactions, they may also be equally susceptible to drug-herb or drug-supplement interactions that may potentially result when a CAM supplement or herb (CAMsh) is taken with a prescribed medication.

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The outcomes measures included (i) prevalence of overall CAM use, (ii) proportion of CAM supplements reported by patients also documented in the “medications” section of patients' charts (Analysis A), (iii) percentage of patients reporting taking CAM supplements with anticoagulant activity (ginger, ginkgo, garlic, and vitamin E) while concomitantly taking prescribed anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications, as indicated in the chart (Analysis B), and (iv) percentages of those patients for whom the CAM anticoagulant was or was not documented in the chart (Analysis B).

Of 244 people approached, 212 people completed the survey (87% response rate).

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