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Article 123 stipulates that "the organisation and functions of the administration are based on the principles of centralization and local administration".

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are subordinate to the President, in the capacity of Commander-in-Chief.

), also known as the Constitution of 1982, is Turkey's fundamental law.

It establishes the organization of the government and sets out the principles and rules of the state's conduct along with its responsibilities in regards to its citizens. The constitution was amended seventeen times, two of them through a referendum: 2007, 2010, one of them partly through referendum: 1987.

The President of the Republic is elected by the parliament and has a largely ceremonial role as the Head of State, "representing the Republic of Turkey and the unity of the Turkish Nation" (A104).

Article Nine affirms that the "judicial power shall be exercised by independent courts on behalf of the Turkish Nation".

The basic nature of Turkey is laïcité (2), social equality (2), equality before law (10), the Republican form of government (1), the indivisibility of the Republic and of the Turkish Nation (3.1)." Thus, it sets out to found a unitary nation-state based on the principles of secular democracy.

Fundamental Aims and Duties of the State is defined in Article 5.

It may hear cases referred by the President of the Republic, the government, the members of Parliament (A150) or any judge before whom a constitutional issue has been raised by a defendant or a plaintiff (A152).Article 26 establishes freedom of expression and Articles 27 and 28 the freedom of the press, while Articles 33 and 34 affirm the freedom of association and freedom of assembly, respectively.Classes are considered irrelevant in legal terms (A10).Article Seven provides for the establishment of a unicameral parliament as the sole organ of expression of sovereign people.Article Six of the Constitution affirms that "sovereignty is vested fully and unconditionally in the nation" and that "the Turkish Nation shall exercise its sovereignty through the authorised organs as prescribed by the principles laid down in the Constitution".

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